Holiday Rally Booking Procedure

Chiltern Group may from time to time book rallies on commercial sites. In these circumstances an agreed number of pitches will be booked by the Rally Officer. Since this is a commercial arrangement the site management will need to assess the cost-effectiveness of dedicating pitches to the Group and it is therefore to be expected that some degree of commitment is made when a site is approached.

Such rallies are normally for longer duration and shall be called HOLIDAY RALLIES. They will be included in the Chiltern Rally Programme which is available in December/January for the following year.

Members should be aware that, in order to meet the financial commitment to the site payment must be made for each pitch for the whole duration of the rally. The procedure will be as follows:

  1. Holiday Rallies will be made known to Chiltern members in the first instance. This will be done at rallies with Chiltern members being informed that once the Rally Programme is published, any MCC Member can ask to be booked onto the rally. In short, this means Chiltern members have first call on Holiday Rallies.
  2. A list of members wishing to attend will be maintained by the person nominated by Committee to take member bookings (the Nominated Committee Member). It must be emphasised that this only signifies a member’s interest in joining the Holiday Rally – it is NOT a confirmed pitch until payment reaches the Groups bank account. In most cases there will also be a waiting list of members who would like to attend.
  3. Prior to the Holiday Rally those members on the list will receive an email stating that full payment for the event is due approximately 8 weeks prior to the event in order to secure their pitch. Ideally payment should be made by bank transfer or cheque, following the instructions in the email. In order to minimise administration, and in fairness to those who meet the payment deadline any pitches not paid for by the deadline will be offered to other members, starting with those on the waiting list. If there is a problem on meeting the payment deadline by any member on the list that member should contact the Nominated Committee Member in order to discuss the matter in the hope of finding a solution.
  4. Once payment has been received each member will receive confirmation of their booking.
  5. If circumstances mean a member wishes to cancel their booking it will be the responsibility of that member to find another member to take their place. The cancelling member will sort out the financial aspects with the other member. Subject to Data Protection the Rally Officer will contact the first in line from the waiting list and, where permissible, place the waiting member in contact with the cancelling member.
  6. The cost of the Holiday Rally is non returnable. However, the Committee will consider any request for a refund from a cancelling member if another member cannot be found to take over the booking.
  7. In the event of the total cancellation of a Holiday Rally by the site the Hon Treasurer will contact each booked member and request their bank details. As soon as the member confirms receipt of their refund the Hon Treasurer will delete all personal records from his or her personal computer.

This system is intended to ensure members have an opportunity to commit to a Holiday Rally of their choosing, whilst also preventing members booking “just in case” they fancy the rally nearer the time. It also makes the booking-in process less complicated for Rally Stewards as the site will be paid direct from the Group bank account.

 It is hoped that members appreciate the level of administration involved in running the Group – a significant amount of which centres on ensuring we can organise these larger events. It is further hoped that members will understand this procedure is intended to be fair to all.