Rally Report – Diamond Park

Diamond Farm was the location for the weekend rally for Chiltern.  One member from Kent, one from Anglia, one from Lancashire (who travelled from Yorkshire during the ‘best’ of Storm Dennis) and 16 Chiltern vans attended. Paul and Sue Prebble were the stewards.  Paul was his normal charming and efficient self with Sue quietly getting on with all the little bits that always need doing at a rally (the power behind the throne). The first quiz was like the Spanish Inquisition and it entailed questions that were for immigrants who wanted to remain in England as citizens. Most of us would have been deported with the results that we had, which made us all chuckle.  Further quizzes the following day entailed Dingbats and a sweetie quiz – sweets most of which we had forgotten existed. The meals provided on the two nights were amazing as always and the staff were their usual helpful, jolly selves. The weather was absolutely rubbish with the wind and the rain but we had a great weekend.