Rally Report – Easter at California Sands

Thursday 18th

We arrived quite late at 4pm, to find the majority of vans already there and pitched up.

The weather was pleasant although there was a bite to the breeze.

7.30pm saw us all in the California Tavern where we all had a good chat, this was interspersed with a fiendish quiz by Mick and a couple of games of Bingo organised by Martin.

Essex pretty much swept the floor with the Bingo. (must try harder Chiltern!)


Friday 19th

Another lovely warm day brought many out in shorts for their first airing.

At 10am we had Hot Cross Buns and drinks to start our day. We had a free day to explore the area – some went on a bike ride and some took the bus from right outside the site, others had lovely walks along the beach enjoying the amazing weather.

At 7.30 we went to the Beachcomber Bar, but due to a band playing, the place was heaving. Eventually we all found a quieter spot at the back and just sat and chatted.


Sat 20th

Just after 10am the official bike ride to Yarmouth took place with almost everyone setting off en masse.

Those of us that didn’t go enjoyed sitting out in the amazing sunshine.

In the evening we all gathered in the Garden Room for a carvery, what an amazing meal, and service with a smile.

After the plates were cleared away some chose to have deserts too, they were amazing Sundaes piled high with loveliness.

The evening was rounded off by a joke or two and then a quiz, once again organised by Mick.


Sun 21st

An Easter Egg hunt was planned, but unfortunately the children staying elsewhere on the site put paid to those plans!

So eggs were handed out to the children attending the rally.

At midday a homemade kite competition was held on the beach.  There wasn’t a lot of wind so the competitors had to run to make the kites fly.

Lexis’s  kite was flying so well, that she ran nearly a mile and was rapidly turning into a dot in the distance, for which she deserved a mention in dispatches. The array of kites was amazing, but we’ve all agreed that sewn up underpants don’t fly very well!

The winning adult kite was made by Angela and piloted by Tommy


Once back on the rally site Tina and John organised a boules competition with the eventual winners being that Essex mob again in the form of Gary and Yvonne, who took great delight in running around with an Essex flag, just to taunt us some more. The runners up were Andy and Caroline who will represent Chiltern at the National in a few weeks time.


In the evening we handed in our hand painted eggs for judging , again a lot of people went to a lot of effort to enter some amazing eggs, the adult winners once again being an Essex member, Nick Woodcraft, and the junior winner was Lexi.


The raffle was also drawn, but due to a lack of PA, Sharon stepped in and did what she does best (shout!)


Mon 22nd

We all met at the shelters for a farewell cuppa and the Chairman’s speech, with plenty of Thank Yous and wishing those leaving Bon Voyage for the trek home.

An impromptu walk into Hemsby was organised, then later in the afternoon Martin, Angela , Paul and Sharon were practising our Ukulele and Guitar playing. In the words of Mum : Not very musical!

Still it gave the other end of the site a break. Someone must have heard us as someone in a house nearby starting playing the drums and they were very loud!

A few of us met up in the (much quieter) Beachcombers, putting the world to rights.


Tues 23rd

There was no rush to leave the site so people walked around and said their goodbyes and made there way home.