Rally Report – Peachcroft

A successful 3 day meet with Chair Mick Mead and the Chiltern Committee running round making sure things were going smoothly, and a fine job they did. There were 40 vans on site. There was fun on the first evening with a Chinese Raffle with a lot of stealing going on especially the cuddly lamb and the lantern. Table top sales, the Chiltern mini fete and in the evening live music and prize giving took place on Saturday. Former President Derek Gosling won the darts and very kindly conceded and handed the bottle of wine down to second place which was my lucky self and my better half Marg skilfully won the weight of the cake being only half an ounce out. The solo singer did his job by getting the people up on the floor early in the evening. Sunday was outside with the Faith supper, lots of food and full marks to Barry for his curry, who travels the world and brings home many different spices. The weather couldn’t have been better – Saturday topped 33 degrees. The only downside was having to carry tables and chairs back and forth to the barns which was a bit of a trek. We enjoyed the weekend very much, they are a very friendly club and will definitely be visiting again.

Chris George’s (from West Wessex Group)