Rally Report – Queens Acre Windsor

After a dull and cool weather week we arrived at Queens Acre, Windsor on a very bright and warm Friday. A new venue for us, finding nearby locations added to the interest.  The bus stop to Windsor or Maidenhead is a safe and easy 10 minute walk and 20 minutes has you on the Thames footpath beside Dorney lake.

Robin and Pearl, our stewards, had everything arranged for our 1400 kick-off and commented on how helpful and friendly the owner of the site was.

We were blessed with the weather as it became warmer as weekend progressed getting into the high 20s by the Sunday but in the evening we were grateful for the two shelters and electric lighting as the temps plummeted and the darkness gave a dramatic backdrop to the Harvest Moon.  The evenings were more than filled by the interesting brain teasers that question master Mabel conducted, making everybody keen to hear the outcomes, despite the low temperatures.

Eleven vans attended of which three were visitors and could possibly have accommodated up to twenty on firm and level ground, hard enough to bend some rock pegs!

Pete Ingham