Saturday Night Film and Quiz

Saturday 6th June
Lockdown Rally Quiz Report
Saturday brought torrential rain for many of us but plenty of sunny, warm smiles in our Zoom room. Caroline and Andy had set a challenge of videoing an iconic scene from a film so everyone could guess the title.
We had Bedknobs and Broomsticks, Mary Poppins two variations, The Shape of Water, My left foot, Finding Nemo, Chicken Run and The Shining.
Very enjoyable and plenty of laughs but debatable Oscar nominations.
Caroline and Andy followed this with their version of channel 4’s Countdown including the music and clock! Techno whizz Andy sorted us into rooms and we had three teams to make up our longest words. Not that we were competitive but it ended up with a draw!
Sharon and Paul then introduced us to Kahoot! and we all gave it a go and the competitive streak came out once again. They are going to host a Kahoot! quiz next week.
Poor Mabel popped in and out of the meeting room all night sometimes with sound sometimes without! Was lovely to see her tho.
Brilliant evening enjoyed by all and new skills seem to be emerging from this strange old lockdown time.

Next weeks challenge…
Throw a piece of A4 paper into the bin in the most imaginative way.