Brailes TC Rally Report – 14th Aug 2020

Rally Report
It was really lovely to join our fellow Chiltern Group members at the temporary camp site at Brailles.
We were fortunate to be able to catch up, observing social distancing of course.
All those who attended had booked and observed the advice given by Mick to ensure the safest transactions before pitching up.
The field was prepared for our arrival – thanks going to Steve and Marian and Mick and Julie for their ‘plotting out’ of the pitches to meet regulations. There was plenty of space in the lovely field at Brailles.
Mick and Julie had prepared all ‘facilities’ with disinfectant to ensure the best possible observation of good hygiene.
On Friday night we were fortunate enough to be able to sit out and chat, loads of room to enable safe distancing and we even had a quiz! Mick was able to shout out the questions loud enough. (Suffering the consequences with a scratchy throat).
There were buses for those who chose to leave the field and venture out to Banbury, others walked around the village and some enjoyed the beautiful sunflowers in a nearby field. The local village shops sold wonderful croissants and pastries, and fruit and vegetables.
It was Paul Hipgrave’s birthday – best wishes Paul.
There were of course the usual van problems – fridges, inc. ours. (Thanks to those who offered their help).
On Saturday night we were treated to a fierce downpour. Barry and Merle’s awning sadly fell victim to this.
Sad to leave but looking forward to meeting up more ‘campers’ at Brean and more safe socialising.