The following statement has been issued by Council of Management (CoM) on 13th August 2020:

Hi fellow members
We are pleased to be able to inform you that our groups now have the go ahead to re arrange their programme of Temporary Campsites (TC), under cover of MCC’s Certificate of Exemption.
For all of ours and the wider public’s safety, group Committees have been advised of COVID 19 related safety measures which must be adhered to. Each TC will be subjected to, prior to your arrival, a full COVID related Risk Assessment. 
The success of our TC’s will depend on us all to remain COVID aware. Putting together appropriate safety measures will have taken our Committees and Hosts much time and extra effort to make our stay as risk free as possible. Please stay safe.
Please note that for this ‘COVID’ exercise I found it best practice to rename our rallies as Temporary Campsites. This then brings our events into line with the Governments thinking behind the re opening of Campsites in general. Making ours ‘Temporary Campsites’ is better understood.
Thank you for your patience, please enjoy.
Tony Heal
Safety Officer
The Motor Caravanners’ Club Ltd 
From the Chiltern Committee:

Our rallies will see a “new normal” in respect of the precautions we must take in order to minimise the risk to the health of our members, site operators and the public. We want to rally, but must do so safely. Most of the details below are common sense and follow expert guidance. We need to incorporate that guidance into how we operate.

Please note the following, and, if you have any comments or concerns please let a Committee member know.

  1. The overriding point is to take into account your own well-being, and that of others who might be affected by your actions – or the things you fail to do.

  2. Obviously if you feel unwell you are advised to NOT attend a rally. If you or a member of your family are experiencing the widely publicised symptoms of Covid-19 you should NOT attend a rally but should follow the current government advice.

  3. On arrival at a rally payment will be taken before you are given a pitch (apart from prepaid Holiday Rallies). You should show your current, valid membership card to the Steward who will not handle the card.

  4. Before you arrive at a rally please put the CORRECT fee in CASH in an envelope with your name, membership number, vehicle registration and contact telephone number on it. The envelope must be placed in the box or other container provided. Money will be managed by a person wearing appropriate gloves.

  5. To maintain social distancing please do not congregate around the Stewards during the booking in process. If you arrive and there is a queue to book in please remain in your vehicle until its your turn.

  6. For the time being there will be no paperwork e.g Programs for the rally available.

  7. Vans will be parked by a Marshall at least 6 metres apart, but, where space allows this will be increased to give a greater distance between vans. For the time being, habitation doors must not face each other.

  8. Gatherings inside member’s awnings, shelters etc will be classed as “indoors” and therefore not compliant with government guidelines.

  9. Provision must be made for the sanitising of the contact surfaces of water taps and waste disposal points. However as members have responsibility for their own well-being, you should follow government guidance and wash/sanitise your hands and any communal surfaces you touch using your own materials. Be aware that those who wear gloves when emptying the black waste should still be mindful of surface contamination arising from the gloves.

  10. Unfortunately there can be no socialising in Group shelters (or any other indoor space). We will not be holding any raffles or staging any games that necessitate breaching social distancing or passing items from person to person.

  11. Members must observe the appropriate social distancing whenever on the rally site while it remains a legal requirement to do so.

It is hoped that these measures help in keeping everyone safe and that they do not detract too much from your enjoyment of meeting your fellow members in some great locations. Hopefully in time we can revert back to the way we normally operate.