Rally Report – Christmas Rally 2019

Chiltern Christmas Rally

It’s that time again the most wonderful time of the year and it saw the merry band of Chilterner’s getting together to celebrate the season.  The rally was attended by 17 Chiltern vans and two from Avon Group. Hosted by the Committee.  Once settled everyone that wanted met in the hall for games night. First game based on the old beetle drive was build a Snowman and involved rolling dice and collecting items to build your snowman.  The game was competitive and there was an odd snowman (Ian Jefferson)! Second game was building a freestanding tower out of barbecue skewers and marshmallows.  Not sure how many were eaten compared to used within the designs but there were some ingenious designs.  There were three towers and safe to say they didn’t all stand!

Caroline arranged a couple of other games which involved balloons and cups and a lot of flexibility. Wendy Jefferson proved to be the most flexible but not to be outdone saw Colin Swain changing into pyjamas to allow him to prove his worth. Not all participated and those that didn’t appeared to have fun watching.

Saturday saw some walking to the local garden centre along the canal whilst others remained and relaxed. Caroline and her helpers decorated the hall making it feel festive for the evening meal and party. 

Outside caterers Wild Garlic came to provide our evening meal and whilst last year there was some discussion about the portion sizes and the heat of the food I don’t think anyone could criticise this year’s meal. 

Following the meal we had the lovely Leon DJ Jones who managed to appeal to everyone’s taste and kept the dancing going till gone midnight even if he was a little sceptical about playing Sandstorm for us.

Sunday morning and time to make our way home with good wishes for Christmas and another year of memories made.

Merry Christmas everyone.