Rally Report – Windsor

20 vans ventured towards St Peter’s School at Old Windsor with a few diversions for some, as a bridge was being demolished at Marsh Lane over the M4 that weekend.

Passing Five pubs in the last mile they were greeted by Mick and his team to help us get settled for the weekend.   Quizzes and lots of catching up in the evening took place in the school gym.   Next day many either caught the bus, taxi or walked into Windsor town.  Hunt the bus stop on the way back was an experience for a few of us as the centre of town was shut off to buses from noon in readiness for switching on the Christmas lights. Saturday evening back in the gym for Scattergories (the imagination was working overtime) and card bingo.   Poor Mick was quite hoarse as the acoustics were very echoey.

Enormous thanks to Mick (minus Julie) and everyone who helped him make this another wonderful, please yourself and relaxing rally, and – as a bonus –  it didn’t rain and we saw the sun.


PS What Tina didn’t know was that whilst most people had gone for a walk, those that stayed on site had a visit from the Police as the alarm for the sports hall had been activated!  Mabel begged to be arrested by the two young officers, but they declined!  Those that stayed then went on to make good use of the hall, playing badminton, basketball and dodgeball.